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Sir Frederick Gibberd College

📢SIXTH FORM INFORMATION MORNING ANNOUNCEMENT 🏫Sir Frederick Gibberd College 🗓️Saturday 19th November ⏰10am - 12pm 📚We are looking forward to welcoming prospective Sixth Form students and families to our school https://t.co/HHUbF6erdh

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Monday 19th September, the date of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral, will be a national bank holiday. Our schools will be closed on this date. Schools will resume at normal time on Tuesday 20th September. https://t.co/DJ2PVRmbKD

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BMAT and our schools are incredibly saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty The Queen and we would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the Royal Family at this time of national mourning. https://t.co/lPaBCTyGlX

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📢TONIGHT! It's Our Open Evening 🏫Burnt Mill Academy 🗓️Thursday 8th September ⏰5pm - 8:30pm 📚We are looking forward to welcoming prospective students and families to our school https://t.co/QsSDbbzrE0

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📢OPEN EVENING ANNOUNCEMENT 🏫Burnt Mill Academy 🗓️Thursday 8th September ⏰5pm - 8:30pm 📚We are looking forward to welcoming prospective students and families to our school https://t.co/QBX1sGVY36


Students earned more than £200 in free books for the school library by shopping at the Scholastic book fair. https://t.co/eJCvGVgTE8

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“The students have achieved some excellent individual results, and their successes are a real testament to their attitude to learning, their resilience and their commitment to achieving their aspirations.” https://t.co/gjnF8UdChq https://t.co/cCFBqC38At


Completing a university style project has inspired pupils to strive for further education as Year 9 and Year 10 students took part in The Brilliant Club programme. https://t.co/dEP8rJSmRh


Students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 worked with the Hope Not Hate advocacy group. Workshops focused on language and the impact our words have on other people. https://t.co/wRfo3vYeFC


Drama studies were brought to life as students took a trip to the West End. A group of 40 Year 7 students watched Les Misérables in London. The reward trip tied in with their studies on the play in their drama lessons. https://t.co/aQ9BxeqWfN


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📢 We're Hiring! (Harlow) have a vacancy for an SEN Co-Educator 📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our website https://t.co/O4untg2KgB

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It was a pleasure to have the year 6 students with us today for their taster day. We are looking forward to them all becoming Burnt Millers in September. https://t.co/4VvYpkIrlM


The local forest provided the perfect location for young people to learn about an endangered ecosystem. Year 10 nurture class students, studying towards the Humanities Award qualification for their GCSE took a trip to Epping Forest. https://t.co/9W58h5hx9i


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📢 We're Hiring! (Harlow) have a vacancy for a Science Teacher 📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our website https://t.co/6K3gtWueeX

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Robert Halfon MP ➡️Working Hard for Harlow⬅️

Delighted to visit today and join their Career’s Assembly, I hope that all the Y10 pupils take up an interest in politics and pursue it later in life 📚🎓 https://t.co/Pf9jDHxEz6


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📢 We're Hiring! (Harlow, Essex) have a vacancy for a Modern Foreign Languages Teacher (proficient in both French and Spanish) 🇫🇷🇪🇸 📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our website https://t.co/BAuJcke2DD

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Young cadets have been promoted through the ranks at a special ceremony. The bespoke course was created for the school and made it the first in Essex to commit to it as a core option for students. https://t.co/jrbgtfnGmt https://t.co/9YuVTgFaVY


A group of 50 Year 10 students took part in the Jack Petchey “Speak Out” Challenge after being selected to boost confidence and give them an opportunity to shine. https://t.co/t53WRPAbWh

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Outstanding Education

Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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Physical Education

Year 10 & 11 Only
Exam board: Edexcel
Course code/specification number: 1PE0
Level of qualification: GCSE

What will students learn about?

Component 1 – Fitness and Body Systems.

  • Anatomy and physiology- skeletal system, cardio-respiratory systems, aerobic and anaerobic exercise and short term and long term effects of exercise.
  • Movement analysis- lever systems, planes and axis of movement.
  • Physical Training – relationship between health and fitness, components of fitness, principles of training, training programmes and prevention of injury.

Component 2-Health and Performance.

  • Health fitness and wellbeing- physical, emotional and social health, consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and sports nutrition.
  • Sports Psychology- classification of skills, target setting, feedback on performance and mental preparation for performance.
  • Socio-cultural influences- engagement patterns of social groups in sport, commercialisation of sport and ethical and socio-cultural issues in physical activity.

Component 3- Practical performance- students will be assessed in three physical activities. One must be a team sport, one individual sport and the third can be a free choice of a team or individual sport. Students will learn individual skills of the sports and how to apply them into a game/performance. Example of sports are, football, badminton, basket- ball, cricket, dance, netball, rugby, squash, table tennis, tennis, athlet- ics, gymnastics, kayaking, swimming and trampolining.

Component 4- Personalised exercised programme- students will have to plan a personalised training programme, carry out their programme and evaluate their programme.

How will students’ learning be assessed?

60% of the course is assessed through theory examinations. This consists of two exams:

Component 1: Written examination, 1 hour 45 minutes worth 36%.

Component 2: Written examination, 1 hour 15 minutes worth 24%

30% of the course is assessed through practical ability. This consists of students being assessed in 3 sports on individual skills and applying skills into games or performances.

10% of the coursed is assessed through coursework- The personalised exercise programme.

What grades can students access?

Grades 9-1

What can students’ progress on to after completing this course?

After completing the GCSE PE course, students can progress on to A level PE and other sports courses offered at Col- lege.

If students are thinking about a career in sport, GCSE PE is highly recommended. 


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