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It was fantastic to welcome back so many former Burnt Millers from across the decades for our reunion. We hope you all enjoyed one last look around the school ahead of the rebuild. pic.twitter.com/hRii7BUpea


Thank you to all the students, parents and staff who have contributed to the Shoebox appeal 🎁The team have been in to collect the boxes, and we're very proud of our BMA community 🙌🗞️ You can read more about the project on https://t.co/cX3Ha2yEqA pic.twitter.com/ituhpARuqT


‼️ Our Big Burnt Miller Reunion event is now fully booked ‼️We can't wait to see you all again 😃📨 If you have any photos, videos or memories you'd like to share, please email them to alumnibma.org.uk pic.twitter.com/EHC7J92DnN

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🍽️ As part of last week's National School Meals Week events, our student leadership team presented our catering staff with a poem. 🙌 Thank you to our catering team for all your hard work through National School Meals Week and every week! 😃 pic.twitter.com/pWUpvsHawT

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Our school came together on Friday for a moving Remembrance event. Students and our headteacher laid wreaths. Cadets from our Combined Cadet Force led the parade. pic.twitter.com/fWEUBwJeZ1

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🪖 We're proud to participate in the / project 🎖️ We'll be hosting a digital collection day at Burnt Mill Academy on Wednesday, 13th December, from 4-7 pm and can't wait to see all your artefacts, objects and stories. pic.twitter.com/hBVbJRqzvc

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🍽️ National School Meals Week was an opportunity for students and staff to 'try something new' at 🧆🥙 pic.twitter.com/69zuFx3dja

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🎃🦇 Our Year 7 Halloween Party was a real Scream!! 💀🧙‍♀️🧛 We had a fangtastic time 👻 pic.twitter.com/rnQrPMI6Lw


🤝 It's been great welcoming so many prospective Burnt Millers and their families to our school 🗓️ We hope you found the open event and tours helpful and would like to remind you the deadline for Sep 2024 intake applications is 31st Oct👉 Apply here: https://t.co/mibi3JZLhw pic.twitter.com/tCf3hxy4cg

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We're supporting and showing Racism The Red Card! 🟥 pic.twitter.com/mULS58Kyyx

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🧱 Great work from our lunchtime club!🤖🚛 Year 7 and 8 students have built a fully functioning Optimus Prime. Transforming lives through play and collaboration.#LEGO pic.twitter.com/5AyioTsMIf

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🎨 Year 10 had a fantastic time at the Henry Moore studios 📸✏️ The students engaged attentively with the tour guides and applied themselves well to the photography and drawing activities. 😄💬 "We are really proud of them all." pic.twitter.com/s0JqLSjxiD

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Students have been taking part in Black History Month assemblies. As part of the awareness campaign, students are making pledges, which will be displayed in school.#blackhistorymonth2023 pic.twitter.com/7uULULLWof

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🤝 Year 11 students had the opportunity to practice their interview skills with experienced interviewers from Harlow and London.😃 Although students were nervous initially, they were delighted with their interviews and took advantage of the opportunity. pic.twitter.com/rPFwP0m00n

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A fantastic Day with YR11 students doing Mock interviews as part of Thank You Mr Cook for the invite and for looking after us. I was totally impressed by the richness in conversation with the students, they are a credit to the school. Well done 👏🏽 pic.twitter.com/fXEfpW9R0J

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📚 Students in Year 11 are studying the Step-Up to English entry-level English course. The current topic is Heroism.🏛️ We visited to deepen our understanding of heroism and link local heroism to the class text "War Horse." 😃 It was an all-round fantastic trip! pic.twitter.com/wvn5kcLVUF

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😃 Year 11 students participated in a ‘Talk about the Future’ workshop.💬 It was terrific to see students begin to understand that they have developed a range of skills throughout the years and how they can use this to thrive once they leave Burnt Mill. pic.twitter.com/tiOTSEDxJR

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👍 Year 9 students had a great time at the Stretch and Challenge conference at St Edmunds College.👮🧑‍🔬 ⭐️ Our students contributed extremely positively and made some outstanding contributions during the day's group discussion and debate sessions. pic.twitter.com/ltljEjtmfF

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🐒🐘🦎 We’ve had a fantastic day at with Year 7 pic.twitter.com/KrDEnoJRkp

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Homework Club

Homework Club is held in the Study Zone everyday:

Monday     3:00 - 4:00 pm            

Tuesday    3:00 - 4:00 pm

Thursday   3:00 - 4:00 pm

Friday        3:00 - 4:00 pm

All students are welcome to come along and complete their homework in a quiet location before going home!

Homework at Burnt Mill Academy

At Burnt Mill Academy we believe homework has a valuable role in supporting the student in their academic journey. Regular homework helps students develop key skills and provides excellent opportunities:

  • Confidence and motivation needed to study effectively on their own.  This is vital given the importance for students in the future of lifelong learning and adaptability.
  • Consolidating and reinforcing knowledge and understanding developed at school.
  • Managing particular demands, such as GCSE revision and exam preparation

It is therefore the school’s policy that regular homework should be set inline with the students’ key stage.

  • Key stage 3 (years 7 – 9) will be set only by Maths, English, Science, History, Geography and Languages with each setting around half an hour per week.
  • Key stage 4 (year 10 – 11) all subjects studied for GCSE will set around one hour per week

The types of homework will vary. Departments will plan for homework as part of schemes of work and ensure that suitable tasks are available for all learners.  Examples of types of homework that could be set are:

  • Repetition and practice
  • Research
  • Revision
  • Practice exam questions

Homework set will be recorded in planners by students at the beginning of the lesson. This should be clearly written so students can easily follow what is expected of them. All students are expected to have their planner with them every day for this purpose.

Support Available to Students

There is a variety of support available to student to support them complete their homework.

  • Students with additional needs can attend homework club every night in N1. This is supported by Co-educators who are able to help the students complete their work to an appropriate standard.
  • Any student can attend homework club in the study zone. Again, this is staffed by teaching assistants who are able to help the students complete their work to an appropriate standard.
  • Students do not need to book into these clubs and as such they can just turn up as they require them. They both run from 3pm to 4pm.
  • If any student does not complete their homework by the allotted lesson they will be issued with a compulsory homework club for the next day. If a student hands in their homework late they must still attend compulsory homework club on the day set. This compulsory homework club runs from 3pm to 3.45pm in ICT 2. A member of our House team is available here every night to support the students completing their homework.

Burnt Mill Homework Policy

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