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The new issue of Latitude - The magazine for BMAT Schools, Parents and Communities - is now available to view online. It can be found under the news menu on each of our school websites or you can view directly from this link - https://t.co/YuynITeqtu https://t.co/Dr9ywOBZkz


Top universities are within reach of brilliant teenagers from Harlow. Year 9 and 10 students at Burnt Mill Academy were selected to take part in the Brilliant Club by . https://t.co/FF5E6iDqMx https://t.co/rBPrcbzbtc


Watching professional dancers perform has inspired youngsters to take centre stage in their school production. A group of 40 Key Stage 3 students from Burnt Mill Academy went to billed as the “world’s biggest dance event” - at https://t.co/MkLHS01PLS


Lead Practitioner Maths, Burnt Mill Academy, Harlow CM20 3EZ https://t.co/Buc2SYRpp7


Young musicians are being introduced to opportunities within their home town. A group of 40 GCSE music students from Burnt Mill Academy attended a performance by Harlow Symphony Orchestra at St John’s Arts. https://t.co/obEZ8oJqGV https://t.co/KmPLFcf4Kj


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can you guys help? Can we get a big vote from all of your students? Any age can vote,all you need is an email address! We desperately need our towns support so we can support our towns Yong people! This is forall of us!! https://t.co/kZXI8Ap8wA


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A teacher’s contribution has been recognised with a Mayor’s Award. Kayleigh Trainor, acting assistant head for achievement and outcomes at , has been awarded the Mayor of Redbridge’s Contribution in Support of Young People Award. https://t.co/SPC6xEiPKO https://t.co/sKBewvwvGd


Students at Burnt Mill Academy will take GCSE exams this summer. In preparation, they were visited by who offers assemblies “with high energy, humour and a motivational message to give your students the reality check they need” https://t.co/lhf8eHWG5q https://t.co/M0nU7OPJ1E


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Ten widths of a swimming pool, five laps of a playground on a bike and a run around a school field saw pupils become triathletes. Pupils from primary schools within the BMAT group of schools in Harlow competed for the third year in a triathlon. Full story https://t.co/LSKkoB90hB https://t.co/DazpvIChyN


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Ricky J Norwood

It’s always an honour to work with and the Foundation!😊 This year for our edition I’m working with in ! My Yr7 group of ladies have been working really hard!💪 We’re all so excited! 🤪 Come join us😁Ticket info👇 💛 https://t.co/jXiICCrwCL


The newest group of young sport leaders have been called upon for their first important job. Burnt Mill Academy appoints students as sports leaders to help run specialist PE sessions for children with SEND at the school. https://t.co/pczkQQ8sAv https://t.co/2jZhjaTohm


Young leaders are inspiring their peers to be on their very best behaviour at school. Members of the Student Senior Leadership Team are taking responsibility for ensuring classmates demonstrate good behaviour at all times and have perfect attendance. https://t.co/qZktdx9W2M


New habits are being cultivated in young people to give them access to a worldly-wise future. The group of schools are working to create a more modern curriculum full of knowledge to enable young people to compete on the world stage. Full story https://t.co/aQR13Pvi37 https://t.co/A7Pb9mFLrv


Our school is working to raise vital funds for a local hospice. Burnt Mill Academy has been supporting in the town for the last two years. Full story - https://t.co/giZ7rdNrBJ https://t.co/gUgypcW4Jx


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Burnt Mill House

'A wonderful group of Year 7 art students at designed this fabulous Winter Walkies window display for our charity shop, Scarlet Vintage & Retro! 😍🐶🐾 The students designed this practically pawfect window display at an after-school art club.' https://t.co/wjxcCPJzsJ


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Burnt Mill House

Thank you to all the students that came to Valentine's Disco! We made £112 for 💕💖💘💝 https://t.co/NDRQGaOb1O


. actor Ricky Norwood is devoting time to developing the talents of Harlow youngsters. Burnt Mill Academy was introduced to the Inter-School Drama Award by its founder Rudolph Walker. Full story - https://t.co/K6WwJEJWmD https://t.co/L2RzK2mg1p


Every student in Burnt Mill Academy is rolling up their sleeves and cleaning up their environment. The head girl and head boy felt the school grounds were becoming untidy with too much litter dropped on the floor. Full Story - https://t.co/fFUlI2r36I https://t.co/7ovqMahX6J


Lego masters from Harlow have been selected to take part in the UK finals of an engineering competition. The Year 9 Lego robotics club from Burnt Mill Academy are through to the national finals of the Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge. Full story https://t.co/AC6tWZwa6X https://t.co/RnRO9NPv8H


Two Harlow school girls are proving they are among the best in the country at trampolining. Burnt Mill Academy students Shannon Waterman and Lois Tappenden represent their school in national competitions in the sport. Full story - https://t.co/DnydFyCCrR https://t.co/RgdTjEt8xT


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Frequently Asked Questons

The School Day

What time does school start?

School starts promptly at 8:30 am. The bell rings at this time and students are expected in school. Latecomers should enter via the student services reception entrance. Our school Educational Welfare officer will welcome latecomers and, if necessary, issue a lateness detention.  

When do we have assembly?

Each year has formal assembly every week in the main school hall. These are usually led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, focusing on the "Theme of the Week". The Director of Learning calls a second additional assembly on another morning often to celebrate year successes, on special occasions or to look at key year group issues..

How long is the school day?

The school day runs from 8:30 am until 3:00 pm. Students are registered in the morning in their tutor bases. The 30 minutes registration time is an opportunity for staff to check student planners and equipment, attend assembly and read. This is an important reading opportunity that ALL students engage in. Students can read their own books and newspapers provided by the school in addition to taking part in the reading orientated activities organised by our reading leaders. Burnt Mill Academy places a strong emphasis on reading throughout years 7-11. Please see the separate tab under "academy  information" for details about the length of lessons for different year groups.

How long are the lessons?

Lessons are 1 hour long for KS3 (Years 7 & 8 students) and 100 minute long for KS4 students (Years 9, 10 & 11).

School Rules

What should I do if I will be absent from school (due to sickness/family problems/hospital appointment etc.)?

Please ring the school as soon as possible to let us know about your son/daughter's absence. Please provide a note addressed to your child's form tutor upon his /her return. A note is required for our records. Parents should also provide the school with their mobile number and/or email address so we can update you via our 'parentmail' system on any issues regarding their child's attendance and send your important messages from time to time. if a student is absent without contact from home having been made, a parentmail email or text will be generated and sent to parents.

What is the discipline like?

The school's 'behaviour for learning' system is displayed around the school in prominent locations and is available on the school website under "Academy policies" Students are rewarded for their achievements but there are consequences too for behaviour which interupts the learning ethos of our school. 


What happens if I forget my PE kit?

The best policy is alway to find the member of staff and explain the situation. 'One off' problems can be dealt with - it is when it becomes a persistant problem that we begin to get concerned as regular physical activity is so important and valued by the school. The PE staff always have clean kit they can offer you so you can participate

What should I do if I find someone elses property?

All lost property should be handed in to the 'Student Services' reception.

Do I have to buy my own equipment?

You are asked to buy some standard equipment to ensure you learn effectively. You will be expected to have a pen and pencil (several are advised) rubber, sharpener and ruler. These are the basics. Individual faculties may have additional requirements e.g. calculator in mathematics. Equipment is available for purchase at student servcies reception.

What happens if I forget my books?

If you forget your books, approach your teacher first. Telling them may well mean they can help you out, especially if it is a one off.

Will I have somewhere to put my school things?

Subject to availability, students can rent a locker which is subject to a deposit. Year 7 are given priority. The team at 'Student Services' provide this service. Your tutor base can also be a good place to keep some of your things. Your tutor will tell you more.

Getting to School?

Can I come to school on my bike?

We encourage students to come to school by bike.There are safe, locked up sheds available by the student services entrance.

What do I do and where do I go at lunchtimes?

We operate staggerd breaks and lunches. KS3 and KS4 students have separate lunches and breaks. Students can also eat outside and under our 'canopy' on the upper playground adjacent to Student Services.

What homework will I get?

Homework is set daily and the Academy places high importance on its completion to the best standard possible. AT LEAST one piece of high quality homework is expected from each students' subject once a wek. This the MINIMUM expectation.

What happens if there is a fire?

Each classroom has the fire instructions clearly displayed. When a continuous bell rings you should follow your teacher's instructions carefully. The important thing is not to run or to panic but to leave the building with your teacher in an orderley manner, leaving by the nearest exit.

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